Video call top tips: Gain an advantage with a strong presence

Video conferencing: the modern day shirt and tie

Video/web calls enable people to ‘meet up’ in any place, at any time – for an array of circumstances.

Whether you’re having a job interview, managing a project call, running a coaching session or simply checking in with your distributed team, the importance of ensuring your presence is felt, and that you’re seen and heard, has never been more important.

That’s why we’ve called on two industry experts, renowned photographer Chris Allerton and broadcasting guru Jon Stethridge, to help you stand out in all situations.

Chris Allerton

After leaving the British Army in 2001, Chris worked at the Lichfield Studios in Notting Hill, London, learning his trade under the watchful eye of legendary photographer Patrick Lichfield.

He now travels all over the world on commissions, specialising in location portrait, fashion and private event photography.

Along with his private clients, he works with major fashion houses and top international companies. As such, his photographs have featured in numerous publications internationally including Harpers Bazaar, Tatler, The Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Times Style, Country Life, Hello!, Ralph Lauren Magazine and Le Figaro.

What Chris doesn’t know about lighting, and making a visual impact, isn’t worth knowing.

5 ways to look better

John Stethridge

Jon is a director at Unique Media TV, which is one of Europe’s premier video production and live web broadcasters.

Unique Media’s clients include Warner Bros., Hewlett-Packard and Marriott to name but a few, and the firm has been at the heart of some of the most memorable live web broadcasts of recent times.

There are few people more qualified than Jon to advise you on the audio equipment you should choose, and how to optimise your surroundings, for a video call.

5 ways to sound better

Try it for yourself

Are you a professional looking to stand out on screen?

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