Integrated Digital Marketing

Better conversation rates and lower cost of customer acquisition with Integrated Digital Marketing

Reducing the cost of customer acquisition is becoming increasingly important for all service providers. 

The more successful service providers are focusing their salespeople on closing out deals rather than prospecting for business.

Gather enables service providers to provide a valuable communication solution to their customers under a freemium offer.  Gather then tracks user behaviour, encourages usage and will notify sales when the customer is ready to upgrade their service. 

Digital marketing integration using Act-on

  • Act-On is a marketing automation platform designed to offer a suite of applications, including email marketing, website visitor tracking, lead management, social media management, reporting and analytics, as well as integrations with webinar and event planning.
  • Act-on is GDPR compliant
  • Allows us to take care of the customer at every stage of the customer lifecycle, driving deeper engagement and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Act-on supports a wide variety of communication including,  video, e-mail, text, messaging as well as interactive apps like surveys.

Freemium sales proposition - attract customers with a high-value, easy to access offer

Within the gather sales proposition, our resellers have the ability to offer a reduced version of gather under the resellers brand to their customers for free for an unlimited period of time.  There are no minimum term commitments for the end-user and the service will support many premium features.

Customers can sign up online or be activated in real-time through the resellers’ management portal. 

Engage - encourage usage and bring the customer along with a zero-touch digital journey.

When customers activate their account their usage is measured in real-time and depending on their behaviour (frequency use, size of meetings and features accessed) HTML communications are sent to the user’s inbox.  The primary objective of this communication is to make them aware of the full capabilities of the gather and how to access it with ease.  Then to encourage greater usage of gather by providing the user with relevant use cases of how the technology can be applied.  

Example communications:  

  • Not recording your call? Here’s an email showing you how to activate it 
  • Not made a call since getting an account? Here’s a video on how to set up your first conference.
  • Done your first whiteboard session, then here is a video to show you all the functionality around whiteboards.

Reporting - better insight, better outcomes

Each communication is measured, where the customer looks, which link they click. Our system automatically creates a full report of each customer using a detailed lead scoring system which segments customers to identify their levels of engagement and highlighting areas where the engagement process can be improved.  When customer engagement is right this will trigger a notification to our resellers to take a proactive approach to the end-user.

Improved lead generation

Our resellers have the ability to promote other services within their portfolio, seek further customer feedback as well as provide company updates.