Audio Conferencing

The growth of online meetings is significant, however the need traditional audio conferences has never been stronger as teams become more distributed, the convenience to “hop on” a high quality audio bridge and solve a problem or give an update continues.

Gather not only supports class leading HD video but also class leading HD audio conferences.  With access to over 150+ local and free phone dial in numbers, gather can support even the most sophisticated audio customer requirements.

HD Audio

Up to 1000 participants can join a gather audio bridge.  All sessions are connected in HD providing crystal clear audio meeting rooms. Participants can join through either dialing a local dial-in number or through connecting a URL link.  Moderators of a gather audio bridge have complete control of their conference bridge and are able to mute participants as and when required.

Background Noise Suppression

We’ve all been there, a participant to a conference bridge is dialling in from a train station or similar and they may well as be on the front  line of a war zone. The experience is dragged down to the lowest common denominator and the meeting is a waste of time for every-one.

Gather incorporates sound suppression software to limit the amount of background noise where possible maintaining the experience for everyone.

No more PIN entries

No more writing down meeting access codes on pieces of paper to join your bridge, just register  your mobile with your gather account and you will be dropped right into the meeting no more PIN nightmares. You can set gather to send you a text message 10 mins before your calls are about to start as a reminder and if some-one joins your bridge early we will let you know via text message as well.

Local dial in numbers available from over 50 countries

Gather can support you  and your customers with local dial and free phone numbers in over 50 countries.  Gather only partners with  Tier 1 carriers to ensure that the quality and integrity of the local call is always maintained.

Call recording with transcription and analytics

Gather’s unique call recording and transcription service enables users to pinpoint exactly what was said and who said it, removing the need for you to take long meeting notes. Remain in the moment, concentrate on the matters at hand. Everything is recorded and a searchable index will be created so what was said is easily accessible.

Massive storage allocation, never miss a moment

Gather provides a generous storage amount for host accounts enabling over a 100 hours of recording on its most basic plan, Additional storage is available at a click of a button. Keep every call and find what you need with a simple search.