Best in class white-label conferencing and collaboration solution

Remote working is driving unprecedented growth of video conferencing. With gather, our partners have the opportunity to deliver a brilliant, proven and much-needed service to their customers under their brand. 

Why gather

Market demand for the service:

The growth of conferencing and collaboration prior to the Covid19 virus outbreak was 20% per year as companies seek to improve productivity, lower costs and reduce carbon emissions. Demand is now unprecedented as businesses are compelled to work differently and improve efficiency.

Strong Margins:

Margins of 30%+ are available to resellers.

Promote your brand, not someone else’s:

Work with a partner you can trust and who does not have a portfolio of services that competes with your own products. Gather is a pure wholesale provider we have no direct end-user relationships. We provide all our partners with the ability to compete with large platform players including Freemium offers to their customers.

Compelling solution:

Gather is a functionally rich platform, its intuitive interface requires no downloads and is simple to use. Both scalable and proven, millions of participants are using the platform to collaborate and meet every month.  Gather has integrations into leading platforms like Slack, Outlook and GSuite making it easy to join and manage your meetings. Our investments in A.I. and analytics are helping gather maintain its reputation for innovation and help our partners develop high margin vertical solutions.

The tech behind gather

Gather is distributed across Amazon Web Services and connected via a global MPLS network ensuring the highest quality of connection and security.

The network is managed and monitored 24/7, with each call measured for quality.

The philosophy around gather

In a world of big tech it’s important that local service providers understand their customers and provide relevant and value-adding services to their client under their brand.

Gather enables service providers to capture value not only for themselves but also for their customers.

Tutorial - schedule a gather session

Here is a quick tour guide on how you can schedule a call within gather. We have many tutorials for our resellers to use with their customers and these are available within our support portal


gather Capabilities

Video Conferencing

HD video Streamed across our global MPLS network. High quality, high availability. 

Audio Conferencing

HD audio with access to over 180 in-country dial-in numbers


WebRTC encrypted connections, numerous controls over access numbers and PINS.

Meeting Rooms

Connect your SiP based video conferencing suits.

Video / Audio Recording

HD formats, .wav MP3/4. Gigabits of storage, encrypted and secure.

Great Margins​

Margins of 30%+ are available to resellers.

Integrated digital marketing

GDPR compliant and fully secure. Let our systems track customer behaviour and develop deep customer relationships.

No downloads

Connect straight from your internet browser Chrome, Edge, Mozzila and Safari are all supported.


Upload and share documents, whiteboard and collaborate, in-app screenshots and contextual recording.