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The Data-Driven Collaboration Platform, built  for Service Providers.

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Gather Introduction

Gather is a brilliant, intuitive, proven, white-label conferencing (video and audio) and web collaboration service.

Targeted at service providers, gather enables Service Providers to offer a highly attractive web conferencing and collaboration service under their brand.

Gather support a Freemium to Premium offer, enabling Service Providers to defend their UC customer bases from platform providers with a native video/collaboration offer.

Gather’s integrated digital marketing solution lowers the cost of customer acquisition and increase customer life value.

A Challenge for UC service providers.

Rethink UC to create value

The UC market is increasingly competitive with little differentiation in terms of features and performance – price is being eroded.

At the same time, the largest players have the greatest brand awareness and are seen as the ‘go-to’ solution for business. Service providers are at risk of being disintermediated.

Rethink how we acquire, retain and develop customers

Operate like a platform player.

Implement a frictionless acquisition model. Free-to-premium.

Real-time customer activity data triggering automated digital communications.

Relevant digital content pulling customers through a digital journey to deeper usage and building better customer relationships.

Optimising the sales opportunity and sales resources.

Branded Domain

Protect customer base from platform players by enabling unlimited free collaboration for your customers, prospects and suspects. Own & Grow customer relationships under your own brand.

Nurture customer through a low cost digital journey, improving deal flow at lower costs.

Grow revenue utilising captured data enabling upsell and cross sell opportunities to premium feature set with real insight.

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It is time to use Unified Communications as a driver for customer engagement, nurturing, loyalty, and growth beyond offering a basic set of services.

UC is a data-rich environment that every service provider should be able to leverage.   

What is Gather?

  • Class leading video/audio web collaboration service
  • Integrated digital marketing platform (HubSpot and act-on)
  • Built around your brand, with accessible API.
  • High functionality, easy to use, intuitive, 100% secure and scalable.
  • Proven tech, 200,000 meetings a month are currently held on the platform.
  • Freemium to Premium business model supported.
  • Premium services include, transcription, advanced analytics, live streaming, empathy analysis.
  • High quality offer, operating across 6 POPS on a global mesh network. 120 countries with local dial in access.
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Gather competitive landscape

Functionally =/+ Better price

Best in class components surrounded with open API

1. Hubspot digital marketing solution

2. Stripe security and payment gate-way

3. Klipfolio – reporting and dashboard decision making.

4. Fresh-Desk trouble ticketing and customer support

5. Act-on sales and marketing systems.

6. Fresh-Sales

Digital marketing journeys e-mail, messaging, video.

1. E-mail or messages sent to customers based on their activity or non activity

2. E-mail are relevant based upon the activity and encourage host/participant to try  additional functionality

3. URL redirects can take hosts/participants to video tutorials or to white papers or use cases to generate further interest.

4. Auto-responses can be configured to detect and resolve low usage or lost passwords.

Full Support

Access to a full and expanding set of video collateral to help convert and educate your customers.

Create your own price and service plans.

gather allows the service provider to develop, price and administer their own service plans based on their unrivalled knowledge of their own customers. There is a great deal of latitude to develop a service proposition that resonates with your customers.  Service plans can be very competitively priced and still generate margins of 35% for our partners

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