Slack Integration

Enhance your Slack experience with gather.

Video, Audio and Collaboration, recorded, transcribed and indexed.

How to Add the Gather Application to Slack:

NOTE: to complete the install you must be an admin on both Gather and Slack. You must also have an active Gather subscription.

1. Click the Add to Slack button below

2. Follow the prompts to install the app or connect your account.

NOTE: You’ll see the option to connect your account after clicking Add to Slack if an app has already been installed to your workspace.

3. Start collaborating seamlessly with Gather on Slack.

Need help? Contact support. We’re always happy to help.

“We live in Slack, for internal collaboration and also with our clients. Gather has added enormously value, the ability to spin up high quality video bridge’s where we can collaborate, and sort issues out quickly is great and makes us more productive. However, how gather places a link to the transcribed searchable recording is genius. Not every-one can attend a meeting, now if they miss a meeting there is a complete detailed recording with all context held within the channel for them to quickly catch up”

Dean Al Sened, Abzorb

How It Works?

Once the app is installed, start a web conference with video or screen sharing by taking the following steps.

  1. Type any of the command /gather
  2. Followed by the subject of your meeting, mention the Slack users you want to join and hit return. For example: /gather Let’s discuss the sales figures @barry @candiceAll those mentioned will receive a direct message within Slack with the conference details. Everyone can then just open the link in Chrome and get started with your meeting!

Simple To Start

Discussion getting too long? Tired of typing and just want to hop on a call to discuss? Start a conference call or online meeting quickly by typing the commands into your Slack conversation.

Inclusive Meetings

Only the host requires a Gather account, which means anyone mentioned using Slack can join an impromptu or scheduled online meeting.

Move The Discussion Easily

Once the link has been clicked, a new browser window will open. Your web conference is ready with all the features you’re accustomed to such as Screen Sharing, Recording, and more.

Post-Meeting Recap

You won’t miss a thing with a post-meeting public link that provides access to call details and a brief summary for everyone involved.

Need Help? No Problem.

It’s easy but we can provide support every step of the way. Check out the support article with step-by-step instructions or contact support. We’re always happy to help. Please note: To install the app you need to be both a Gather and Slack Administrator.

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